Are you tired of your pool deck looking worse for wear? With summer finally out of the way, now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting it ready for next summer! With heavy traffic comes heavy wear and tear, leaving you wondering what path you should take. Where other contractors in North Carolina will lead you toward the path of replacing your deck with new concrete, this route can be dangerous to your plumbing, pools integrity and can cost you thousands. But here at Concrete Conversions, we are here to get your back on track with pool deck resurfacing that offers benefits like:
  • Increase Your Homes Value
  • Improve Your Decks Comfort
  • Offer A Fully Customizable Finish
With pool deck resurfacing, we can save your existing slab and give you all of the benefits of replacing your concrete without the cost and weeks of planning. With our concrete resurfacing services, the pool deck of your dreams is only a phone call away!
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More Benefits Than Meet The Eye
What Pool Deck Resurfacing Has To Offer
The benefits of pool deck resurfacing go much farther than just the overall appearance of your decking. Down below, you will find a few of the benefits that made homeowners opt into pool deck resurfacing over having their pool deck replaced:
  • Improved Safety
  • Increased Comfort
  • Resistance To Wear
  • An Increase In The Value Of Your Home
  • Ability To Handle Chemicals
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Stronger Than Average Concrete
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Cost-Effective
  • Fast Turnarounds
Pool Deck Repair

How We Resurface

Your Pool Deck
Heres How The Pros Get The Job Done:
  • The first step is an inspection to decipher whether the deck needs a patch, resurfacing or replacement.
  • If the slab can be resurfaced, the process starts with an intense cleaning regiment including stain removers and high output pressure washers.
  • Once the slab is free of debris, the repair of cracks and gouges will begin. This is also the stage where we fill in any low spots or grind down any high spots on the slab.
  • Depending on the coating you choose, a thin layer of micro-topping will be applied to the surface, an acid stain will be applied, or a thick layer of material will be applied for the process of stamping.
  • When the material is dry enough, we apply your choice of sealer to keep the coating protected from UV rays and the chemicals found in common pools.
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How We Can

Resurface Your Pool Deck
As one of the top-rated pool deck resurfacing contractors in North Carolina, not only are we dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we feel obligated to bring you the most variety of coatings on the market. So down below, you will find a few of the coatings that our past clients have fallen in love with:
Pool Deck Repair
Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete is an amazing coating that is capable of:
  • Ultra real finishes mimicking natural stone, intricate paver patterns, and expensive, hard to work with materials like slate and brick.
  • Its thick coating offers superior protection for your concrete slab from dropped objects, heavy foot traffic, and even harsh weather conditions.
  • It can be paired with a stain that will create highs and lows in the coating, making it look even more realistic.
Concrete Overlay
Concrete Overlays
While not as thick as stamped concrete, our concrete overlays can
  • While thinner than a stamped concrete overlay, a standard overlay is not weak as our advanced micro toppings have been tested and proven to be 4 times stronger than concrete.
  • Overlays offer the fastest installation times as they can be applied over large areas with a squeegee and mimicked using trowels and pigmentation.
  • customizations include burnishing, pigmentation and or the use of stencils to create custom designs.
Rustic Wood Flooring
Wood Concrete
Wood concrete offers the advantages of concrete without the hassle of natural wood:
  • Offers the simplistic maintenance regiment of concrete while providing the realistic look of traditional wood decking.
  • Long term maintenance is also much more affordable as there are no expensive varnishes, harsh sanding or splintering with wood stamped concrete, only the replacement of the seal coat every 1-3 years.
  • Much more durable than wood, won’t experience denting, chipping or rotting over time.
Stained Concrete Pool Deck
Concrete Staining
Stained concrete offers amazing visuals while providing benefits like:
  • No material costs to coat the entire concrete slab just costs for repairs which the acid stain can hide when using deeper colors.
  • We a water-based stain that mimics the appearance of, you guessed it, watercolor with a wide variety of color schemes while our acid-based stains supply a more rich and earth-toned color.
  • Due to lack of coating, maintenance is super simplistic and will only require a broom and mop or your garden hose with the addition of having your sealer reapplied every 1-3 years.
  • An acid stained concrete finish can last your home a lifetime!
Concrete Pool Deck
Classic Sundek
Since 1970 Sundek has been the most trusted coating with benefits like:
  • We offer dozens of color schemes for our classic Sundek finishes and offer the ability to have more than one color for an ultra-custom look.
  • This coating is best known for its textured finish which can supply your home’s backyard with amazing slip and skid resistance, resulting in a safer pool deck.
  • Thanks to the acrylic-based paint of Sundek, these finishes have been known to be upwards of 30 degrees cooler to the touch than alternative decking solutions.
  • Because of its nonporous finish, Sundek will never absorb water, chemicals, dirt or other pollutants which is why it is so easy to maintain
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