As a business, we know how important it is for a business to have a flooring system that they can count on. Our industrial-grade epoxy floors were created to withstand even the harshest of treatments at any given point in time. At Concrete Coatings, over the years, we have developed our techniques and installation processes to ensure that our industrial clients are well taken care of and all damage possibilities are realistically accounted for.
Depending on the type of industrial facility we are installing an epoxy floor in will determine our recommendation for a type. At incredibly affordable rates, our floors last for years.
We offer:
  • A strong long-lasting warranty
  • Affordable prices
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Excellent customer service
  • Experienced technicians
  • Industrial-grade epoxy flooring
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Common Reasons Why Industrial Facilities Install Epoxy Flooring
Why are facilities strictly using epoxy floors?
There are very good and rational reasons why epoxy floors are the only floors most facilities use
  • Safety
  • Quick installation
  • Customization
  • Low rates
  • Long lifespans
  • Resistance
  • USDA & FDA
  • Strength
  • Durability
Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Benefits of

Industrial Epoxy Flooring
Let us explain in detail why the aforementioned reasons are the benefits as well:
Safety: an industrial-grade epoxy floor increases visibility in poorly lit areas over 300% and the floors can be installed without high levels of toxins being released into the air while being made slip-resistant
Customization: facilities can use color codes floors to assign workstations and help designate a proper flow of traffic
Low rates: epoxy floors are incredibly affordable to install and are highly resistant to damage, so they last for decades
USDA & FDA: even though neither one of these organizations push for epoxy floors in food and beverage facilities, they are noted to always pass any hygienic codes and/or inspections
Durability/Strength: your floors will not absorb anything, including shock, impact, chemicals, water, etc.….
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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

North Carolina
What kind of industries are currently using epoxy flooring? Below are some facilities that are currently gaining the benefits of epoxy floors:
Factory Epoxy Flooring
Why would a warehouse need such a strong floor?
  • Warehouse epoxy floors are resistant to scratches, cracks, and pressure-related damages
  • Warehouses need floors that can handle different types of materials and protect the floor for pitting and wear
  • The coating makes the area much easier to clean and maintain clean
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
Aircraft Hangars
That’s right! Planes and workers who work on planes need nice floors too
  • Traditional concrete floors absorb chemicals and fluids, but epoxy does not
  • A smooth and seamless surface is extremely important in the long-term maintenance of epoxy
  • The heat resistant surface will not damage under hot tires
Auto Shop Flooring
Auto Facilities
Shops especially need floors that can last and look good while doing so
  • With grease, oils, and vehicle fluids everywhere, epoxy provides an impermeable surface
  • Dropped tools or large items dragged across the surface will not damage it
  • Chips, scratches, and gouges are completely avoidable with epoxy concrete floors
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating-contractors
Epoxy floors provide an antimicrobial surface
  • The seamlessness continuously gives a dirt, dust, and bacteria-resistant surface
  • The chemical and waterproof qualities by epoxy make the floors easy to keep clean
Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating
Food & Beverage
Our food area needs to be meticulous and epoxy makes sure of it
  • Resin floors are resistant to bacteria growth
  • Kitchens and areas that produce foods are provided with chemically resistant floors that do not fail health inspections
  • Sanitation and chemical resistance help tremendously
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